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[article] Knowing your people is a deal maker

Our Partners from Portugal (Sónia Cardoso, Executive Director, Slot) and Serbia (Danijela Đurić, People and Organization Development Consultant, HR Xcel) wrote an interesting article (in the HR World magazine) about the TH-PQ in use. TH-PQ is a model on which PERFORM Report is based.

In the article, you can find an interesting example from the aviation industry where the PERFORM Report was used to optimise the process of long-term and expensive training. The business case will tell you more about how and where you can use Thalento® to improve your employees' recruitment, training, and development processes.

To find out more read the article in the link below. If you have any questions about TH-PQ or PERFORM Report, let us know in the comments or directly!

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