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Talent Expectations in 2022

The tremendous changes on the employment market during the past two years pose a major challenge for the World of Work and all its’ parties: employers, employees and the HR services providers.

A recent Beqom article and the Employee Expectations in Hiring Report shed some more light into the issues of the Great Resignation and Competitive Hiring.

To retain employees and make sure their motivation is upheld, companies should particularly take a closer look at the following:

  • remote and flexible working

  • pay equity and transparency

  • organisational culture and values

Remote working multiple days per week on a regular basis with flexible hours is what employees put on the very top of their expectations list nowadays. The pandemic has not only forced remote work and more flexibility but also proved that it actually works well. In fact, the reality is that there is no coming back to the onsite-only working model anymore. In the world of restrictions and lockdowns the thrive for freedom is even stronger and manifested also through raising demand of flexibility at work. Employees show a need to organise their work life independently so that it fits in well with their personal. They expect their employers to offer appropriate solutions.

This also ties in closely with the second topic, i.e., transparency and equity of pay. Again, in a world of permanent closures, people feel the time has come for the openness, also regarding salaries. The pandemic revolution of the employment market has given these topics the long-deserved attention. A lot still needs to change, but the first step has been made and the revolution is not going to be stopped. It is visible both in organisations pay policies and on governments’ regulations level.

The last but not least, again, – it is organisational culture and values. In the era of the Great Resignation, when people can actually choose their place of work, one of the factors strongly influencing this choice is identification with organisation’s values. Clearly defining organisational culture is beneficial also for companies as it provides them with an explicit talent profile, which in turn would result in lower retention and lowered hiring costs.

Organisations may perceive implementing all this as a formidable effort. However, it will be unavoidable if they want to maintain well-fitted talents and ensure growth. Fortunately, HR consultancies have tools and resources to face those challenges. THINT’s expertise in Hiring, Talent Management and Post-Covid Motivation combined with our High Tech & Hight Touch approach generates excellent answers to these challenges and guarantees tangible results. To find out more, please contact us at

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