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HR Solutions


Hiring and Selection in an age of Talent shortage requires a dedication & expertise and a combination of local and international market & talentpool knowledge.

Hiring starts by truly understanding the organisation’s needs and people’s abilities.

Assessment & Assessment Centre

We perform Assessment Solutions for local and international projects in multiple languages based on validated Thalento® Assessments.  The results are valuable insights into behaviour, motivational drivers, strengths and development potential.


Today’s new work reality offers opportunities and challenges.  Organisations are challenged to re-organise the way they work. People are asked to adapt to a virtual and remote world. Understanding and matching these changes to the individual expectations of people is the only way forward.


Identifying Talent and Development Potential is more than ever a critical competence. It enables you to understand strengths and challenges with respect to your Talent Pool. Insight into your Talent & Performance capabilities allow for an effective Talent Management.

Merger & Acquisition

Bringing organisations together leads to change. Change requires adaptability. Our solution identifies individual and team potential, clarifies risks and synergies through predictive analysis and ensures success while simultaneously avoiding delays and costs.

Post Covid Motivation

The ongoing pandemic has caused previously unknown challenges. Employees are rethinking their career/life balance.

Our Motivational Mapping and Risk Analysis identifies the risk your organisation faces for losing valuable employees and offers personalised answers.

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