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Certified Trainers

Below, you can find the list of all our Certified Trainers.

Every Partner, after passing exams, can become an international and/or national Thalento® Certified Trainer.

For us, it's a pleasure to have such talented Partners!

If you want to - you can join them. To do so, please follow at the bottom of the page to fulfill the contact form.

Thalento  Certified Trainers


Giulia Volpi.jpeg

Giulia Volpi

AEGIS Human Consulting Group, Italy

Dario Bussolin.JPG

Dario Bussolin

Fran Lotti.jpg

Fran Lotti

Consultant of AEGIS Human Consulting Group, Italy

Paolo Truffelli.JPG

Paolo Trufelli

AEGIS Human Consulting Group, Italy


Romana Petrymusz


Mirosław Filipski


Bartosz Lange


Sónia Cardoso

Jelena Čorak.JPG

Jelena Corak

HR Xcel, Serbia


Ben Greeven

beau10tic, Belgium

hilde lemmens2.jpeg

Hilde Lemmens

Thalento® Learning Academy, Belgium

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