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RM Business Group

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The idea of RM Business Group was born a few years ago in a city in the south of England. Currently, the company is actively operating and developing its activities throughout Poland.

RM Business Group is a group of people who share their experiences, skills and constantly acquired knowledge across a wide professional spectrum. What the members of the RMBG team have in common is authenticity, commitment and a constant drive to develop their skills. What makes them different is the ability to share knowledge and support in various professional sectors.

We are not going to tell you that you can have everything, nor are we going to tell you that everything is possible. We will help you look at situations from different points of view, which will allow you to find the right solutions that will enable you and your organization to achieve your goals. We will show you effective tools that will bring the expected result for you and your professional environment.

We advise and motivate in the field of sales, customer service and team management. We help in acquiring and developing skills, we support building appropriate attitudes depending on the circumstances.

RMBG also means outsourcing of sales forces, professional recruitment and required training to make your team more effective.

We aim at a higher level in business and in life...


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RM Business Group

RM Business Group


Robert Męcik, CEO

+48 603 329 565



ul. Pułaskiego 7/219

42-300 Myszków

Licensed Partner - Poland

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