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Keystone Consulting

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Operating nationwide from Katowice, the heart of the Upper Silesian Industrial District in Poland, Keystone Consulting is a venture that changes the face of people management.

The company was founded in 2006, with an objective to create added value in the processes of change that constantly involve enterprises and their people. Today, Keystone Consulting works with leading companies in the Polish business, creating solutions that free the potential of the employed talent and support entrepreneurship. We select and verify the competences and personality profiles of current and future employees for our clients, and educate on how to effectively acquire, nurture, motivate,  and retain  talent without losing sight of the company's common goal. We believe that people are the foundation of every enterprise.


Iwona Suchomska, CEO
+48 513 027 313


Zabrska 16, 40-083 Katowice (Slaskie)


Grzybowska 60, 00-844 Warsaw (Mazowieckie)

Premium Partner - Poland


Keystone Consulting CEO

Iwona Suchomska

Logo final transparentne.tif
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