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[news] Thalento International at 'Decoding the Future of HR' webinar

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

HR Xcel's webinar

Last Friday, we were pleased to take part in the webinar 'Decoding the future of HR', organised by our Partner - HR Xcel. A panel of experienced speakers such as Aleksandra Dutina (HR Director Carlsberg Serbia), Sonia Cardoso (Executive Director SLOT Recursos Humanos), Iwona Suchomska (CEO Thalento® International & Keystone Consulting), Mihailo Janković (CEO MK Group), and Ben Greeven (CEO & Founder Thalento®) addressed the challenges, obstacles and possibilities, that in the aftermath of COVID-19, will transform the HR world.

We consider 'what the future brings?', 'the power of people in remote and tech reality' and ‘how in all this 'Thalento® could be a response to today's and tomorrow's needs?'.

In case you missed it, you can still watch the entire webinar here:

Once again, thank you HR Xcel for the invitation and also to all speakers and participants for your presence, wise words and questions.

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