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[article] European business culture part I: Northern Europe

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Do you ever wonder how Europeans think and act in business? Could you imagine that every part of Europe has its own similarities and differences in running business? Check out more about Northern European business culture!


- a good level of English language usage

- facts and technical details are appreciated

- punctuality is appreciated, arriving on time is expected

- the adoption of internet technologies and internet penetration is one of the highest in Europe

- student placements are important and popular among organisations and universities


- Scandinavian countries do have a good use of English but are also likely to speak Swedish as the main or secondary language

- besides the UK, the population of each country is pretty small (less than 10 milion per country)

- only two countries have Euro as their currency (Ireland & Finland)

- in Scandinavia, the communication style is often direct, open and “to the point”; e.g. the Swedes are quite informal and emphasise open and democratic dialogue during the negotiation phase; which is opposite to the formal and established protocol from the UK

Have you spotted those similarities and differences in North Europe during your business travels and company management? Tell us about your experience!

Our Partners from Northern Europe:

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