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Belmonte Group


Belmonte Group was founded in 2003 and has 4 lines of business, focusing on an internal level in Talent Management in Organizations and at an external level to strengthen the brand value of our clients.

Our mission is to offer an integral service to our clients in order to motivate the necessary actions needed to achieve your strategic objectives. To do this, our intervention in Talent Management starts from the Search of Candidates to the development and engagement of those successful throughout all areas of the company, and wherever in the world (Belmonte International).

The best strategy of communication and branding originates from the interior of the organization, from the actions of development and engagement in the talent. At Belmonte Group we start by designing and implementing the necessary actions in communication and marketing in order to strengthen the brand values of our clients (ComunicAccion).

This methodology is based on shared information, knowledge and experience in order to be able to offer a bespoke service.

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